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New Biotechnology of Homo-Biotic Cycle (HBC)


Eco-Board is a new generation material for “drywall” construction technologies. It owes its excellent performance to its outstanding fire, moisture resistance and noise protection. All its components pose no ecological threat. They are free from any hazardous substances (asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene, etc). Eco-Board is made of wood chips (sawdust), MgO, MgCl, fiberglass and binder. Due to its unique features, Eco-Board outmatches any type of currently existing finishing material for indoor and outdoor finishing.

To download follow the link: http://narod.yandex.ru/disk/14129750001/CASTWALL_Rev%2BFloating%20Island%2BHBC%20biotechnology_Eng%20(1).doc
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