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New Biotechnology of Homo-Biotic Cycle (HBC)

New construction technology CASTWALL

Company “Al-ZER”, Moscow, Russia, is a part of holding dealing with new technologies in building construction. Al-ZER is promoting original patented construction technology named CASTWALL based on application Eco-Board which is a part of left-in-place formwork. The technology is used for different types of construction projects.
The new technology CASTWALL offers cellular light-weight concrete, namely as a filling compound for left-in-place formwork of the walls.

The new technology is applied:
- for home building of low-rise (up to 3-5 floors) residential units, administration blocks, industrial buildings as self-supporting and exterior walls;
- for high-rise housing as exterior walls. Here CASTWALL allows to avoid brick works, wet-finishing operations and replaces ventilated façade. This leads to:

  • reduction 25-35% of total costs;
  • saving construction time by 2,5 - 3 times;
  • increasing of construction productivity for 3 times;
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